Hi, I'm Tred, and I do stuff. This is my website where I'll put stuff that I made.
Last updated: 17 July 2023


Stuff that's on this website.


The blog where I post updates and stuff.


Where you can find me on other websites.


My friends.


Audio files used in places on my website, e.g the blog.

Windows Themes

The themes that I use on my Windows computers. Hosted on File Garden.

Netbook Projects

Projects made in Scratch 1.4 on my Eee PC, hosted on File Garden. Scratch 1.4 can be downloaded here.


Desktop wallpapers that I've made.

Report Issue

If you've found an issue, such as a missing icon, formatting error, or even a broken link, then please report it here so I can fix it.


Stuff that isn't on this website, but I put them here anyways. None of the stuff here is mine unless I say so.

Tred's Meme Stash(tm)

A collection of memes I found/made, and stored on Miroware. (Miroware is not by tredI9100!)

The Bored Button

If you're bored, then just press the Bored Button!

File Garden

Website with free unlimited storage, along with other cool things.


A huge collection of mobile phone ringtones, software for playing said ringtones, and soundbanks for use with MIDI.

Miroware Mimic Quotes

Miroware Mimic quotes that I got, with the Split box cleared.

My God, what are you doing?!